Customers say

"What a great 90 mins!"

Emailed by J.A. on Thursday 12th of July


"My massage was with Kerry. She turned up very promptly and the massage was very good indeed. Totally un-rushed and relaxing experience. Thanks"

Emailed by Mike on Thursday 26th of April


"Claudia is a great masseuse and is really good at physio too, just what I needed. Thanks very much."

Emailed by Justin on Monday 26th of March


"My appointment was with Katalin. She improvises different styles and her treatment soothes tired muscles; she has a very pleasant demeanor and is a good conversationalist on culture of different lands."

Emailed by R.C. on Sunday 11th of March


"Laurelle was outstanding; she's a qualified sports therapist and gave me 90mins of deep tissue physio."

Emailed by M.K. on Thursday 1st of March


"Great very professional massage! Laurelle is a delight, very courteous, very capable and a great experience. Thank you."

Emailed by F.M. on Monday 27th of February

Lomi Lomi Massage



A Lomi Lomi massage is a therapy that was passed from generation to generation as a part of Hawaii’s native healing philosophy called Huna. According to the Huna every person and humanity needs to seek love, peace and harmony and even the name as it stands “Lomi Lomi” translates as a “loving hand”. Because it is not only a physical experience the effect of the Lomi Lomi massage shows healing impact on mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well. A therapist is considered to be not as a healer but as an intermediary and his aim is to forward the energy of love and harmony to the patient. All this is happening by continuous flowing strokes combined with a loving touch and it is performed gently yet deeply into the muscles with fluent, rhythmic motions. The massage therapist use hands, knuckles, elbows and forearms. Sometimes hot stones might be used. Your legs, knees, arms, elbows, wrists and fingers might also be manipulated. One of the aspects of the Hawaiians culture is that the human body is understood in a unity of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional part. If the only one part is affected in any way, the whole body is influenced by that and is lacking the harmony. The outcome is a pain or illness as a state of tension, which eventually leads to resistance of our body. And that’s the right time when the Lomi lomi massage should take place to restore that balance by unblocking the energy flow. The beauty of this therapy is that it is considered not only as a holistic massage but it can be also concentrated on specific ailments and problems.  This way anyone can benefit from it.
Another feature of this type of massage is that two different parts of our body might be massaged at the same time. This is done to help the patient’s relaxation and to achieve a deep sense of harmony because it is very difficult for human’s brain to fully concentrate on two different areas at once.


  • it creates a sense of well being, reinforces the joy of life, self esteem and mind peace
  • it releases the tension
  • it is excellent if you suffer with insomnia, high blood pressure or other stress related ailments
  • it clears and relaxes our muscular system
  • it is very powerful treatments for our immune and digestive system
  • it supports circulatorion of blood and lymph flow
  • it eliminates undesirable toxins from body
    it rejuvenates human’s body as a whole

The Lomi Lomi massage is very relaxing and soothing treatment. It is an excellent complement to the modern style living full of stress. This technique both relaxes and energizes our body and its effects last long after the therapy is over.